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Innovative sensor
for continuous body and wound
temperature monitoring

The system includes
  • dimensions: 3,2 cm x 2,5 cm x 0,7 cm
  • made out of biomedical materials, surgical steel probe
  • hermetic housing
  • very precise temperature measurement

  • can be installed on tablets, smartphones - Android / iOS
  • communicates directly with the sensors
  • enables data transfer to the server
  • supports multiple sensors simultaneously
  • sends configurable alerts when a significant temperature change is detected

WARMIE functions:

the application immediately sends notifications when the sensor registers a significant change in temperature

the sensor is made of biomedical materials, the probe is made out of surgical steel, the housing is hermetic

the sensor can be installed in several places on the body, the algorithm recalculates temperature changes, in a given anatomic area, after selecting it in the application

the device is 
3,2 cm x 2,5 cm x 0,7 cm

the sensor is capable to provide very accurate temperature monitoring and does not require calibration

  • Hospitals and inpatient treatment centers (private, semi-private, public)
  • Doctors - wanting to improve patient care, enrich vacuum therapy for wound healing, expand patient care after leaving the hospital, expecting a fully professional device with the ability to download and analyze data, providing remote telemedical monitoring in freeing up human resources in the hospital unit, continuous monitoring of the surgical site (postoperative wounds)
  • Nurses - who want to improve the care of patients in the hospital by monitoring many patients at the same time
  • Manufacturers managing hospital IoT systems
  • Patients - struggling with the problem of constant temperature monitoring, expecting prolongation of medical care after leaving the hospital, wanting to minimize the risk of complications caused by possible infections,
  • Parents with children (and newborns) - wanting to provide children with care by monitoring the temperature (in the future versions - also oxygen saturation and breathing) during illness
  • NFZ and the Ministry of Health - showing the economic viability of the project, reducing the cost of treating postoperative infections, expecting innovations that will be cost-effective

WARMIE is addressed to:

  • the need for constant monitoring of patients' body temperature in intensive care units 
  • early detection of possible local and systemic infections for faster initiation of antibiotic therapy or isolation
  • wound status monitoring after surgery
  • monitoring of body temperature in patients after surgery to maintain postoperative normothermia
  • telemedical temperature monitoring for patients at home

WARMIE solves the problems of:
WARMIE is a research and development project aimed at improving early detection of infections, monitoring the wound environment and setting new standards for postoperative and chronic wound management.

About the project
Our Team
surgeon, head of the Department of General, Endocrinological and Gastroenterological Oncology Surgery of the Clinical Hospital H. Święcicki in Poznań. He is one of the recognized authorities in the field of wound care (especially chronic, difficult to heal wounds) and wound prevention. Medical supervision in the project.

resident of the Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology Department of the Charite University Hospital in Berlin, supervision of the technological and medical aspects of the project.

Professor Tomasz Banasiewicz, M.D., Ph.D.

Wojciech Francuzik, M.D.

Karol Makowski

specializes in project management in the field of new technologies, administrative and sales management.

supervision of customer service and commercial activities.

Piotr Piątek

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WARMIE sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Poznań
Kasztelańska 62 , 60-316, Poznań, Poland   
REGON: 383688181, NIP: 7792506930, KRS: 0000791587, share capital: 10 000 zł
Warmie Sp. z o.o. is conducting a project titled: "Wireless system for detecting and monitoring temperature changes inside wounds". The project's budget is PLN 1 million and is covered by the ABAN Fund investment co-financed from the Operational Intelligent Development Program, subdivision 1.3.1 Support for research and development projects in the preseed phase by proof of concept funding - BRIdge Alfa. The value of funding received is PLN 800,000.00.