What smartphone software is compliant with the WARMIE24 app.

    • The current software of the WARMIE24 app is compatible with smartphones provided with the Android software, versions 5-10, and the iOS 13 software.

Why can’t I connect the sensor to the application?

Check if the Bluetooth is enabled in your phone. When the Bluetooth enabled:

    • bring the sensor closer to the phone
    • press the housing in the central part - an LED will light up
    • wait a moment
    • the temperature value will appear on the screen of your phone, in the application, and the temperature chart will be displayed on the second screen.

If you still have a problem with connecting your sensor to the application, we recommend that you reset the sensor by opening and closing the casing and then switching off and on the WARMIE24 app and Bluetooth on your phone.

After this activity is performed, the sensor will need about 30 seconds to transmit the signal again which allows for the connection to the application.

Where should the sensor band be worn on my body?

  • Wear the band with the sensor on your hand, more or less in the armpit area; the probe should stick to the skin of your hand.
  • Check section 4.4 in the manual (link to the manual)

What is the minimum age required to use WARMIE?

WARMIE can be used by children from the age of 3; the upper age limit does not apply.

What does the WARMIE set contain?

The WARMIE WM-1020 sensor set includes: 1 x sensor, 2 x band (size: S-M and L), 1 x silicone cover, 1 x element for opening the casing, user manual and warranty card

What certificates have been awarded to WARMIE?

    • the Quality Management System based on ISO 13485:2016 for the “Design, manufacture and sale of the temperature sensor, including the software for domestic and professional use”
    • the band with the Oeko-tex certificate
    • the certificate for a Medical Device, class IIb

Why do I have to allow my device to be located?

    • Bluetooth in the latest mobile phones can also be used for phone location. Therefore, any application which can detect Bluetooth devices must ask the user for permission to gain access to the phone location. The WARMIE app, however, uses such permission only to detect the WARMIE devices.

Is the band washable?

Yes you can wash your band by hand. Before washing, remove the silicone cover.

Are bands available in different sizes?

    • Yes, your set will include bands in two different sizes: S-M for children and women, and L for men. If you need a different size, do not hesitate to contact us at: support@warmie.eu

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty does not cover events which are the result of:

a. normal wear and tear of the Device;

b. mechanical or thermal damage, or damage caused by flooding

or moisture;

c. use of the device in a manner which is not compliant with instructions provided in the user manual or the intended use of the device;

Check out warranty card for more details - link

How can I return the device?

You can return the device through the website on which you made your purchase. If you made your purchase directly, do not hesitate to contact us at: support@warmie.eu


You can report your claims concerning the device by contacting us through the contact form available on our home page and by selecting the topic of your message: claims.

How long is the battery life?

    • The continuous operation of the sensor is possible for 4000 hours, i.e. about 6 months.

Does the use of the band for a longer period of time have any negative effect?

    • Leaving the device on your body for a period longer than 30 days may lead to the development of bedsores. Control the condition of your body at the site where the product comes into contact with the skin and change the application site every 7 days.

Can the sensor be connected to two mobile phones? Can I and other members of my family be connected to the sensor?

Only one mobile phone with the WARMIE24 app can be connected to the WARMIE sensor at a time.

How many sensors can be connected to the application?

The WARMIE24 app can connect to only one sensor at a time.

What if sound is switched off on my phone, will I then receive any alerts?

Yes, the sound alert related to the exceeded high temperature threshold will be triggered even if your mobile is muted.

Why does the sensor disconnect from the application?

    • It is possible that the sensor is too far away from your mobile phone (10 m - in a closed area). However, this does not mean that measurements are not stored in the application. The moment you enter the sensor’s range again, the measurements will be synchronised with the application.

Will WARMIE be delivered outside Poland?

    • Yes, you will be able to buy WARMIE through the Amazon’s website.

What languages does the application support?

    • Polish and English

What alerts does the application send?

  1. The application sends alerts in the following cases:
    • The application will send a PUSH message with a sound signal to the connected mobile when the temperature exceeds the upper limit (38.00 °C set by default in the application).
    • The application will send a PUSH message with a sound signal to the connected mobile when the temperature exceeds the lower limit (33.00°C set by default in the application).
    • You can change the minimum and maximum temperature range between 31.00 and 42.00 °C in the settings
    • The application will send a PUSH message with a sound signal to the connected mobile when the battery in your device is low.

What is the difference between WARMIE and other solutions of this kind?

    • WARMIE provides you with an option of continuous temperature measurement.
    • Owing to the used algorithms, WARMIE indicates the body temperature and not just the skin surface temperature.

How should WARMIE be stored?

    • Store WARMIE at a temperature between -25o C and 60o C; the product must be stored in a clean and dry place.

Is the device sterile?

    • The WARMIE WM-1020 sensor is a non-sterile product. We are currently working on another version of the device which will be sterile.


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